Dextrous Analytics has always prided itself on the ability to meet with the needs of our clients. This culture has driven our product set from dedicated simple solutions tailored to suit demand. This product set has grown from being very specific to retail needs in the market place to a point where we have developed a wider bouquet of products. Dextrous Analytics will remain a retail orientated solution provider,this will not stop our evolution into a comprehensive Technologysolutions provider.

Dextrous Analyitcs
Business Anywhere

Our Business Anywhere bouquet is built round the needs of small business. Small business cannot afford to compartmentalising their needs to a service provider per solution, nor are they able to spend time investigating the solutions that they need. Business Anywhere has been designed to address these needs and take the complexity out of IT. Our slogan - Integrity in Technology - is the driving force behind the methodologies and concepts that are core to Business Anywhere.

Technology affords us the ability to provide solutions to Business regardless of where they are. Systems are constructed around the ability to securely operate a business with little infrastructure in place. Often all that is required is a stable internet connection and some strategic tools. Business Anywhere is a concept that was born to facilitate small business on a small budget without compromise.

The Business Anywhere suite

- Retail

Comprehensive retail software solutions

- Account

Comprehensive accounting software solutions

- Protect

Offsite, secure backups.

- Protect DR

    Onsite and offsite Disaster recovery tools and plans

- Secure

    Device protection - Personal Firewalling, Antivirus and Maleware protection

- Support

    On demand system support.

- Comprehensive

    Proactive environment management and care.

- Connect

    Connectivity solutions tailored to your needs. From 3G to ADSL to Fiber, with or without redundancy

- Count

    Complete stock management support..