Our Logo

Dextrous Solutions - Managed Business Solutions

The Heart

Our people, always our people, born from many valuable lessons learnt over the years, our own lessons and those of others. We are the cube, the center, the heart.

The inner circle

  • Our Clients and our Community –  Supporting these two entities are why we are in business, quality solutions, quality services and charitable support, after all, if you are in business only for the money then you should not be in business.
  • Our Partners and our products – Without our partners will not be able to remain at the cutting edge of Information Systems, we will not be able to provide the right solutions for our clients, not simply the solutions we have available. 

The Perimeter

  • Our Vision and Mission, Anchored to our Platinum perimeter, are these Gold square stepping stones.  This links into our “Beyond Gold” approach and also shows that we are able to extend outside our comfort zone when needed.