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Our On-site team assist you in counting stock, seeing where the issues lay with in your stock.

We advise the client on issues found so that they can ensure that their stock is correct, stock has been correctly labeled and priced. 


* Stock is correct in the environment - In the 

   store and on your system.

* That the business owner has meaningful 

   reports to make informative decisions.

* Ensure that the Stock counted on the floor is

  the same as 

Dedicated On-Site team

We have a on-site team between 5-10 people depending on the size of your business.


Reports are catered to your needs. We use Stock reports to check stock and Variance reports to see the differences. 

Time On-Site

This would depend on what the client would like to accomplish with the Count.


Meetings will be held with the clients on a daily / weekly basis with the supervisor and management will be called in when issues are raised.